Kerala State TourFed, Padma Nivas, Panicker's Lane, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695010



The objectives of the Federation shall be to plan, advise, assist, coordinate, monitor, supervise, set up, manage and otherwise facilitate the organisation and working of the cooperative tourism societies in the state of Kerala whether in small, medium or large scale sector, entrusted, affiliated or leased to the Federation or owned by the Federation as well as to promote or assist in promotion/organising of new tourism societies/ventures either of its own or at the instance of its affiliated societies/ventures or other agency or as may be required by the State/Central Government as also to arrange tourism projects.

In pursuance of the objectives as above, the Federation can undertake one or more of the following activities in tourism field for reward or otherwise:


  • Develop infrastructure facilities for the promotion of tourism
  • Develop village tourism
  • Promote festival/ cultural tourism/eco tourism/adventure tourism/ ethnic tourism, farm tourism and pilgrimage tourism
  • Conduct / facilitate packaged tours for the foreign visitors as well as domestic visitors
  • Develop infrastructure facilities for ayurvedic resorts and treatments and start Federation’s own ayurvedic resorts and treatments, restaurants, acquire and run luxury coaches, cars, house boats etc.
  • Promote cultural heritage of the state
  • Arrange familiarization visits for tour operators and travel agents
  • Arrange year round attractions in the state to promote tourism
  • Establish booking services by road, rail and air for the smooth movement of the tourists
  • Establish medium priced and budget hotels at the tourist centres and establishment of middle-sized high value added high tech tourism ventures
  • Act as a channelling agency for tourism projects in the state for the administrative, technical and financial aspects of the entire tourism industry
  • Render technical advice and other assistance for the selection of tourism projects in potential area
  • Advice and assist in the selection of managerial, technical and other personnel and arrange their training
  • Undertake or arrange to purchase on indent basis or otherwise, all inputs required by the tourism projects by the member societies
  • Suggest measures for increasing the operational efficiency and help in implementing the same
  • Assist in standardising the record keeping, accounting and costing methods and practices and introducing effective and speedy management information systems including computerisation as far as practicable
  • Undertake research, development, training and such other activities incidental to and conducive to the growth of the tourism industry
  • Arrange holding conferences, seminars, workshops, discussions, meetings etc., for the benefit of the tourism industry and the employees in the field in particular and those concerned with the industry in general
  • Render advice to tourism societies in all areas of Management
  • Acquire, undertake and carry on the business of tourism cooperative societies in all its branches and to manage such business or undertaking in the cooperative or other sectors
  • Undertake studies and prepare project reports, feasibility studies etc., and to act as consultants in tourism industry/business and to render advice on the establishment and management of tourism projects and allied industries
  • Represent the tourism cooperatives at the State, National and International Organisations /events and to present on their behalf, their views on the industry to the State/Central Government / international agencies etc., or any commission, Committee, Commission of Enquiry or other bodies
  • Associate and collaborate with or act as agents of the Governments, Government undertakings or other bodies with a view to planning, promoting, organising, establishing and running tourism projects
  • Acquire and hold in its own name and sell or otherwise dispose of any movable or immovable property for the Federation or Tourism Cooperative Societies for cash or other consideration
  • Arrange publication and supply of market and other information relating to tourism industry and trade as well as magazine to inform new developments, forthcoming events and special interest activities in the state by all medias
  • Undertake or arrange selling of all products and material of tourism industry
  • Establish branch offices, customer relation centres/ tourism information centres for the benefit of the tourism cooperatives and tourism industry in general within the area of operation
  • Raise funds from Members/Non members (with the prior approval of Registrar) and from State/Central Governments, Scheduled Banks, State/National Level Cooperative Bodies, Financing Institutions, International agencies against securities or otherwise by way of deposits, advances, loans or other borrowings in order to enable the Federation to attain the above objectives
  • Set up, join or otherwise take part in the any State level or National institution for the purpose of achieving greater efficiency, economy and coordination in the implementation, establishment and management of tourism projects. The Federation may also execute agreement with other tourism departments/institutions in Kerala as well as other states and international agencies for the promotion of tourism
  • Delegate to organisations who are partners in joint Venture with the Federation, such powers as may be deemed necessary or desirable in the interests of the Federation
  • Alienate, sell, dispose of or otherwise the property or assets of the Federation or any part thereof in such manner and for such consideration as may be thought fit and to improve, develop, manage or turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property and rights of the Federation with the prior sanction of Registrar
  • Make arrangements / reach in agreements with similar apex or cooperative societies in the neighbouring states for the purpose of increasing tourist inflow to the state and arrange to form a Confederation with Apex Federations in states as members
  • Invest moneys of the Federation in such investments, securities or tourism industry as may be thought expedient by the Federation
  • Purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property and to construct, maintain or alter any buildings, installations of tourism projects or other works necessary or convenient for the Federation and take up project works / contract works of the State / Central Tourism Department
  • Act as a catalyst for setting up of tourism projects / tourism cottages / tourism villas / Budget hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, House Boats, other vehicles etc., in the State by the Non Resident Indians / Non Resident Keralites
  • Draw, accept, make and endorse, discount, negotiate and deal otherwise in promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable or transferable instruments or securities in the course of the business of the Federation
  • Subscribe for and hold shares in tourism cooperative societies and with the approval of the Registrar/Director, in such other bodies as are connected with the business of the Federation
  • Create any reserve fund, depreciation fund or and other special funds whether for depreciation or for replacement or for improvement of any property of tourism projects or for any other purpose required by law or conducive to the interests of the Federation
  • Acquire and take over the whole or any part of the business, property, goodwill, rights, privileges and liabilities of any business which the Federation is authorised to carry on and pay for any property or rights acquired by the Federation either in cash or fully paid up shares
  • Provide for the welfare of the persons employed or formerly employed by the Federation
  • Subscribe to or otherwise aid benevolent, charitable, national or other institutions or objects of a public character or which have any claims to support or aid by the Federation by reason of locality or nature of operations or otherwise,
  • Pay all the preliminary expenses of any kind incidental to the registration and establishment of the Federation, out of the funds of the Federation
  • Do all such other things as may be considered incidental, consequential or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Federation.