Kerala State TourFed, Padma Nivas, Panicker's Lane, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695010

About us

Apex body of Co-operative tourism societies in the State, having state wide operation under the control of Department of Co-operation

Tourfed is a Government owned agency to provide tourism related services like Tour, travel operations, sightseeing trips and also Tourism product promotions, destinations marketing, marketing for tourism investments and ventures. It is a federation of Co-operative societies in Tourism under Government of Kerala, Department of Co-operation to plan, manage and facilitate the cooperative tourism societies in the state of Kerala affiliated or owned by the Federation.

Tourfed will also assist in promotion/organising of new tourism societies/ventures either of its own or at the instance of its affiliated societies/ventures, will also engage in tourism projects developments. Established on 24.11.2011 as an apex body of Tourism Co-operative Societies in the state under Department of Co-operation.

This is the Apex Body of co-operative tourism societies in the state, having state wide operation under the control of Department of Co-operation. The Director Board comprises 15 members – 10 Directors are elected from member co-operative societies, 3 Directors are nominated by the Government, 1 Director is Registrar of Co-operative Societies or his representative, 1 Managing Director appointed by the Government. The authorised share capital of Tourfed is Rs.22 crore divided into A,B,C and D class shares.

Membership of the Federation is open to

Tourism Co-operative Societies /primary service co-operative banks/ societies operating in tourism area / sector under the control of Co-operation Department.

– ‘A’ Class Membership having share value of Rs.1000/- per share State/Central Government/ NCDC/DCBs/KSCB, Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Department of Govt. Of Kerala, NABARD, TFCI.

– ‘B’ Class membership having share value of Rs.1000/- per share Co-op. Banks/Financial Institutions approved by State/Central Govt., /any other institution which have/which would like to have business / service relationship with the Federation.

– ‘C’ Class Membership having share value of Rs.100/- each State/National Coop. Federations.

– ‘D’ Class Membership having share value of Rs.1000/- each.