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Onam Festival

This is the most famous festival celebrated in Kerala usually at the end of august or at the beginning of september every year. It is a harvest festival too. This ten days long festival is celebrated in honor of the king Mahabali who once ruled this land and also impressed the lord Vishnu by his sincere devotion and humility. People over Kerala organize various colorful events in connection with the celebration of Onam. During this festival, people buy new cloths, make delicious food and organize various events and games. The main day of this celebration is “Thiruvonam” which is the last day of the festival. Onam is considered to be the most celebrated festivals of Kerala.


Vishu, the festival of light and fireworks is one of the famous festivals in Kerala. Vishu is considered as the hindu newyear and it comes in the month of madam in the malayalam calender. The main elements that comes in association with the celebration of vishu are “vishukkani”, “vishukkaineetam”, “buying new dress”, “vishu sadya”etc . The main items of vishu sadya are vishu katta, veppampoorasam, vishu kanji, mambazhapulisseri etc.